Jean Hitchcock
Executive Director/Principal
M.A. Middlebury College

Angela Dawson
Director of Academic Services 

Grades 11 & 12
M.A. University of Evansville

Beth Muehlbauer
Director of Academic Services
Grades 9 & 10
B.S. University of Dayton

*Kristen Cirino 
Academic Services Coordinator
M.A. New York University

Amanda White
Executive Assistant
B.S. University of Southern Indiana

Jami Cates
IT Director
A.B. Washington University in St. Louis
M.S. Purdue University

John Bertram
Finance Director
B.S. University of Indianapolis


*Part Time

Signature Foundation

Board of Directors

Mr. Robert L. Koch II, President
Mr. Jon Goldman, Vice President
Ms. Susan Parsons, Treasurer

Mr. John Whinrey, Secretary
Ms. Emily Elsea, PTSA
Ms. LeAnn Freeman PTSA
Ms. Jean Hitchcock
Mr. Denny Quinn
Mr. David Wagner
Ms. Kendra Winchester


Erin Atkinson
M.A. Oakland City University

Lorenna Boyle
Instituto Universitario Valle Continental

Theresa Doyle
M.A. University of Evansville

Aaron Ethridge

M.A. University of New Hampshire

Tina Grant
M.A. Indiana University

Alex Janusek
M.Ed. Loyola University Chicago

Sean Jensen
Ph.D. Rutgers University

Natalie Kobe
B.A. University of Southern Indiana

Christian Miller

B.S. University of Southern Indiana

José Mota
B.A. Occidental College

Joe Nelson
B.S. University of Southern Indiana

Daniel Otto
M.A. Bowling Green State University

Karla Razor
M.A. Indiana State University

Donovan Robinson
M.S. Indiana University Southeast

Jacob Sunderlin

Ph.D. University of Georgia

*Part Time


Fine and Performing Arts


Cynthia Ahmed
M.S. University of Southern Indiana

Nicholas Bullington
B.S. Purdue University

Cameron Chrockrem
B.A. Indiana University

Tracey Hayden
M.C.I.S. University of Maryland

Shannon Hughes
M.A. University of Southern Indiana
IB Coordinator, Curriculm Coordinator, 
Chair: Math, Science, Technology

Matt Nance
M.S. Indiana University

*Christine Panayides
M.S. Old Dominion University

Liz Reis
B.A. University of Evansville

Shane Thread
M.A. Oakland City University

Kendra Winchester
M.S. University of Southern Indiana

*Part Time

Youth First Counselor

*Laura Arrick, LCSW

*Part Time

PTSA Officers

Emily Elsea, Co-President

Natalie Steckler, Co-Vice President

Kelly Weinzapfel, Co-Vice President

Linda Sartore-McClain, Treasurer

Amanda Pudleiner, Secretary


Contact the Signature School PTSA at: